Partnership Project Application for Funds

Contact the Coho Society of North Shore

The Coho Society of the North Shore (CSNS) has contributed over $300,000 in Partnership Grant funding over the past thirty plus years. The CSNS supports
individuals, groups and organizations who engage in projects or initiatives which benefit the conservation and management of salmon and salmon habitat on rivers and streams in North and West Vancouver and in the Howe Sound corridor.
The Partnership Grants Program has consistently received more proposals than it can fund each year. As a result, grant requests are not always met, or have to be scaled down depending on funding available, and on the number of grant requests received.
Your Partnership Grant application must include:

  1. Name of Project
  2. Project Location(s)
  3. Contact Information (name of individual or group/mailing address/phone/email)
  4. Resume (if an individual)
  5. Purpose of Project
  6. Expected Duration of Program (duration/start date/completion date)
  7. Persons Involved in Project
    a) Paid Workers
    b) Volunteers
    c) Age Range of Participants
  8. Budget:
    a) Operating Budget
    b) Funds From Other Sources (specify where in-kind support is included)
    c) Funds requested from the Coho Society
  9. Letters of recommendation and support (i.e. community groups, educational institutions)
  10. How the Coho Society will be recognized for funding the Project
  11. A Project Description Including:
    a. Outline the purpose and objectives of the program and the activities designed
    to achieve those objectives;
    b. Explain how you know, or will know the program’s effectiveness

Final payment will only be made on the basis of completion of the project objectives to the satisfaction of the Coho Society of the North Shore. Eligibility for future support is dependent upon acceptance of your project’s final report by the Coho Society of the North Shore.