Coho Society’s Tent Talks – 2022

We have invited partners and members of our community who are interested in environment preservation to share some thoughts via Tent Talks.    This helps bring awareness to local issues and offers ways we can get involved to be responsible stewards to our environment.

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“Streams of the North Shore and Findings of Local Streamkeepers”

ZoAnn Morten – Executive Director, Pacific Streamkeepers Federation

“BC Cetacean Sightings Network”

Bobby Dhaliwal – Research Assistant, BC Cetacean Sightings Network

“Seymour River Hatchery Update”

Shaun Hollingsworth – Board Chair, Seymour Salmonid Society

“Year of the Salish Sea: Collaboration of our Collective Future”

Emma Kingsland and Tasha Romsyn – Co-leads, Year of the Salish Sea

“The Pacific Salmon Explorer”

Clare Atkinson – Project Manager, Salmon Watersheds Program (PSF)

“The Secret Life of Coho”

Dr. Richard Beamish – Emeritus Scientist at the Pacific Biological Station

“Pacific Salmon Strategy Initiative”

Sarah Murdoch – Senior Director, PSSI

All net proceeds of the Coho Festival go to Coho Society of the North Shore who provide support to local organizations in river and stream enhancement projects that benefit the sustainability of salmon and other fish.