Mosquito Creek Project

Mosquito creek is an urbanized stream, highly modified for flood control since the early 1960’s. Annual extraction of gravel combined with channelization have virtually eliminated stable gravel deposits and left the streambed in a simplified condition that is lacking in the diversity needed for a healthy and productive aquatic ecosystem. In November 2014, an exceptional storm event damaged the Fell Channel (500m off channel habitat) water intake. However, it also resorted the hardened creek bed and exposed gravels that had been buried for decades.

In August 2015, North Shore Stream Keepers, in partnership with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, plan to repair the intake and undertake a
pilot project of construction of boulder weirs above and below the intake. Joint funding: DFO, MV, PSF (pending) & Coho Society. The weirs will diversify the in-stream habitat and create conditions to trap and retain the gravel that is newly exposed.

Such gravel deposits are critical for spawning and invertebrate production. CNV & DNC have begun a combined ISMP for Mackay and Mosquito Creeks in North Vancouver.

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