MacDonald Creek and Rodgers Creek Estuary Project

The West Vancouver Streamkeeper Society (WVSS) in concert with the District of West Vancouver (DWV) improved the estuary of
McDonald Creek and are in the process of improving Rodgers Creek Estuary to permit salmon to enter the stream readily over a broader range of tides, from mid-tide to high tide. Presently returning coho and chum salmon are extremely restricted in gaining access to the stream.

The estuary can be described as braided with no defined channel and salmon only access the stream in high, high water conditions. During waiting periods they are subject to severe predation by seals and otters. We expect the modification of the estuary will result in substantially improved salmon escapement. A similar estuary project was completed on the adjacent Lawson Creek in 2008 which improved salmon returns significantly. This project falls into and complements the DWV long term Shoreline Preservation Plan.

For more information West Vancouver Streamkeepers.